Why QR?

QR, while not perfect, offers great advantages.
At Liholiho we embrace change as we adapt to these new times. We are experiencing a labor shortage, not unique to our industry but more severe in our field. So how do we move forward without compromise? We believe QR ordering is a big piece to that puzzle.

From a service standpoint, we are no longer simply just order takers. We now have the opportunity to step into the new role of hospitality professionals. This frees up our restaurant family to focus on the ‘hospitality’ part of the job more than the administrative and menial tasks. With QR, our guests are in control of their experience and pace. They can select exactly what to eat and control order details themselves. One of our favorite aspects of QR is how our Chefs, Cooks and Bartenders can now spend time in the dining room having interactions with guests. This means all staff members are able to engage with our community and be cross trained on how to serve our guests.

Our choice to use QR ordering is motivated by the same values which pushed us to implement our Equitable Compensation Fee. We have a strong drive to move away from the broken system in which restaurants have conventionally existed. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with taking someone’s order, and we’re happy to do so upon request. However, our vision of what we believe our dining experience should be doesn’t include the formality of traditional order taking. It’s instead meant to be fun, interactive, and unscripted. It’s just plain more efficient to have our guests curating and streamlining their experience. In turn, freeing up our team from order taking and opening this new meaningful role to focus on creating connections and talking story. In other words, less your fathers oldsmobile and more aloha.
When it comes to efficiency QR is spot on. There are much fewer errors which leads to less product waste. We save a lot of paper and plastic ink cartridges, not to mention the hours it takes to sort through and organize menus. It frees us up to have cost where cost matters most.


There's a playful aspect to QR too. How fun is it to order a drink while talking to a staff member and have it arrive while still hearing about the food and the new additions to the menu, magic!


We love QR and we hope you will too. 

As always, we're open to constructive criticism, feel free to share your feedback and any improvements you feel are of value.