LYC Bar Director Sean Kelley

Sean has been part of our Liholiho, Good Good team since 2015. He moved to

San Francisco to attend film school in 2005. He immediately found respect for San Francisco's diversity, equity, and inclusion, which is why he loves working at Liholiho—looking around during service and seeing a diverse group of people within a space joined together by a shared interest. It's a significant reason he stayed in San Francisco and continues to love this city so much.

If Sean weren't in the restaurant industry, he'd be working as a programmer in video game design. However, he loves the restaurant industry community and the many relationships he has developed over the years. His proudest professional accomplishment has been working his way up through various positions in restaurants and bars, learning many valuable skills as a doorman, server, barback, food runner, and, ultimately, bar director. 

Sean is happiest when bringing others joy. He loves seeing a restaurant full of happy people enjoying their experience and cherishes being part of it. He is constantly surprised and inspired by the creativity of his peers and the perspective they offer him. He appreciates the people he has worked with throughout the years who have taken the time to teach and allow him to succeed at something he enjoys doing. These lessons and skills created the person he has become and carry over to all facets of his life.

One of Sean's most meaningful experiences has been raising his young son, George, through The Pandemic, guiding him in a positive direction even at the most challenging times. Having the extra time to spend with his son and wife, Christina, made a difficult time much easier, and he knows his family will benefit for years to come.

On his days off, you'll find Sean hanging with his family, at the movie theater, or playing the role of Dungeon Master for his friends. But one of his favorite pastimes is practicing martial arts with his Dad. His Father began his Martial Arts journey when he lived in Hawaii 42 years ago. Choy Li Fut and Gung Fu are two styles his Dad spent most of his career practicing. Attending the San Francisco Lunar New Year Parade each year and watching him lion dance is a favorite memory. Sean and his brother trained from an early age, mostly informally outside the dojo, and while we both enjoyed it, they didn't continue after leaving home. His Dad went on to train with Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong in San Francisco and continues to teach Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi today. Sean's Dad helped him immensely through the pandemic by rekindling his martial arts practice via online video. Sean hopes to continue to learn and develop his martial arts skills and pass them on to George.

Sean is calm, focused, and kind. We are grateful for the grounding energy he brings to our team and guests.

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