Non Monetary Ways To Help

It takes much love and hard work to foster a healthy culture and successful restaurant.

A third of restaurants in California have permanently closed The financial toll the pandemic took on our industry has been staggering and long lasting.

Many of you have asked how you can help? 
Here are small but powerful suggestions:

  • Be patient & kind with the business and staff. If you have an issue communicate with an owner or manager before posting publicly. Allow us the opportunity to remedy first
  • If a restaurant closes suddenly, know, the impact is immense. From food waste to financials, there are wrenching pitfalls & emotional tolls
  • Support independent restaurants. It will take years to recover. Many won't
  • Refrain from asking for donations. We have always been the first to donate to schools/charities. We now need your help
  • When you book a reservation, show up for it, book a time you can honor, arrive on time to respect those after you
  • Purchase wine & desserts in-house. It's not the time to bring outside food & drink
  • We're honored you chose to celebrate with us, we can not provide complimentary desserts
  • Relate to restaurant policies; they are in place for survival. Restaurant profits are historically & notoriously low. We can’t absorb costs
  • Understand costs. Restaurants arrive at prices through a process. Your money goes directly to a human's living wage, very little results in profit
  • Educate yourselves on what our industry is experiencing. 
  • Tip more? Yes, it helps a few but often does not support equitably. It also doesn’t keep the business open. If you decide to tip extra, please also acknowledge the tips above.

Share this info with your friends. Help spread the word. If you have questions, ask a restaurant owner. We all have the opportunity to help keep restaurants open.

This work is hard but we do it because we love you!