Walk-in Seating

Thinking of joining us as a walk-in guest? below are a few tips and tricks.

We are open for walk-in seating Tuesday through Saturday from 5-9pm. 

PLEASE don't reserve outside of primetime and walk in early. This blocks reservations from other guests and results in empty seats later in the evening. Walk-in seating and reservations are managed separately. 

Remember, 95% of guests prefer your desired time. Meaning everyone wants 6 or 6:30. Think prime time, or preferred seating. Arriving at 6:30 could put you in the bottleneck arrival time. 5 pm is usually the best time to arrive. After 5 pm, the waitlist can grow.

Neighbor? Pop in at 5 pm day-of, add your name to our waitlist with your desired time. We will do our best to seat you close to that time. We will send a text as your table is nearing ready!

Of course these tips are guesses and suggestions, we sometimes do not have a wait. We will always do our best to get you seated, we want you to join us. 

A few things to note - Allow ample time for parking, The neighborhood is notorious for difficult parking. Once you are finished with your meal, please remember our guests still on the waitlist. Move to our bar for drinks and dessert.

Be kind and patient with us. We invite you to read our values & equity page and please learn more about our team.

If you have specific questions email us, we are here to help.
We appreciate your support of our family owned restaurant. We realize we would not be here without you.