Walk-in Seating

WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED - Good Good Culture Club will open on January 14th. Liholiho will reopen this spring on Sutter. Read our statement in The Chronicle.



Thinking of joining us as a walk-in guest?

We'd love to have you, below are a few tips and tricks.

We are open for walk-in seating Tuesday through Saturday from 5-9pm. We are seating indoors and outdoors. 

As always with most walk-in seating, desired times are usually the most desired for all guests; think prime time or preferred seating. For example, arriving on a Friday at 6:30 would put you in the bottleneck arrival time, likely you'd have a long wait. 5pm or just before 9pm is almost always the best time to arrive for walk-in seating. After 5pm the waitlist will continue to grow as we get closer to preferred seating times. We also encourage guests to join us on weekdays as Friday and Saturday often are much busier. Keep in mind on Saturday, with many guests off from work, we can sometimes have a line beginning before 5pm. While we usually are able to get all guests sat within the first round of seating, unfortunately some guests may end up on the waitlist. The average dining time for two guests is about 1.5 hours, this is only an estimate and our quote times can vary because of this If you stay on site it's much more likely we will get you seated quicker.

Of course these tips are only guesses and suggestions, we sometimes do not have a wait at all. Please know, we will always do our best to get you seated, we want you to join us which is why we save plenty of tables for our neighbors and walk-in guests.

A few things to note - Bring a layer, although we have outdoor heaters, both indoors and outdoors can get quite drafty. Allow ample time for parking, The Mission is busy and we are close to Dolores Park. Once you are finished with your meal, please remember our guests still on the waitlist for seating.

Lastly, please be kind and patient with us as we recover from the Pandemic. It will be quite a while until we find our new normal and are completely staffed and return to full capacity. We invite you to read our values & equity page and please learn more about our team.

If you have specific questions? Please email us, we are here to help.
We very much appreciate your support of our family owned restaurant. We realize we would not be here without you.