we have moved to3560 18th st


-- reservations not available --
We are not currently accepting reservations. We keep our website up to date and when we begin accepting reservations you will see them here!
We have temporarily moved to 3560 18th Street in The Mission.
Our plans for sit-down dining will remain in transition until it's safe for our staff to be amongst unmasked guests. We want our reopening to be celebrated by both our staff and our guests. There are still steps we feel need to be addressed prior to this celebration happening. 
Currently we are open for takeout and delivery. We appreciate your support of our family owned restaurant. These times have been highly emotional and difficult for both our family and our staff. We look forward to taking the cautionary steps to reopen for sit-down dining. Eventually we'll be back stronger than ever because of your support.
We always make announcements to our clubhouse first.
To join our club, click the link.
In the meantime, please feel free to order takeout or delivery.
Once reservations are open they will only be available via our site.
Thank you, we look forward to seeing you, we have missed you all very much.
If you have a question please email us: aloha@lycsf.com 
If your question is regarding reservations please join our club and be patient with us.