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To book for 1-7 guests reserve
Do not reserve if you can not honor your chosen time.

8-9 guests book our Ohana Table here!
10-20 guests book Gen-Gen Room here!

Info: Reservations open exactly 1 month prior at 10 pm. Confused? Visit Resy to see the next date that is opening. If a reservation is not available choose "notify" via Resy, this online waitlist is effective.

5 pm reservations: We can't edit your time after the fact. A new time would require a new online reservation. Many guests who book outside primetime ask to change their reservation time. It's not possible.

8:45/9 pm reservations: Honor your chosen time, refrain from arriving at prime time. By doing this you are blocking reservations from other guests. This results in empty seats during a time that is tougher to book. Walk-in seating and reservations are managed separately.

Tips: 95% of guests want a 6-8 pm reservation. If possible, book outside prime time. If you are booking a Friday or Saturday, be sure to book at 10 pm one month prior. If the reservation you seek is unavailable, add yourself to "notify" immediately using the most flexible window of time. "Notify" guests are contacted via Resy in the order received.

Join us as a walk-in guest click here!

Our 24-hour cancel/decrease policy is strict (48 for Ohana). NO SHOWS will always be charged.

More info regarding FAQs and Policies here! The info on our website is always current.

We appreciate your support of our family-owned restaurants. These past few years have been emotional and difficult for our restaurant family. We have grown and changed and we're excited to have you back. We invite you to read our values & equity page and learn more about our team.

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